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January 8, 2009 Number 201

This issue:

AARP's 2009 Legislative Agenda

Action to take

Keep an eye on what AARP is doing and participate in the the process.


In our quest to live longer, healthier happier lives, we need to know see the big picture of  healthcare and social services and how we can help make them better. The biggest advocate for Boomers and seniors is AARP. With 39 million members, AARP is second only to the Catholic church in membership size in the US.

The US army, navy and marines have 1.5 million soldiers and 1.5 million reservists. The AARP army of active volunteers is 4 million strong—an army whose assignments include volunteering to help more than 2 million seniors a year fill out income tax forms. AARP’s army has 4.5 million members often sending emails. AARP the Magazine is the largest circulation magazine in the world. There used to be a commercial “When E.F. Hutton speaks people listen.”  EF Hutton is no more. Today we might say when AARP speaks, Washington listens. Our guest is AARP’s Director of Legislation and Public Policy, John Rother.

Mr. Rother says the top priorities for 2009 are getting the economy back on track and healthcare. Specifically Mr. Rother said, “The first priority for almost everyone is to do what we can to get the economy back in shape. Because unless we do that, it's going to be very difficult to do anything else. Beyond that, our biggest priority is healthcare reform. Healthcare costs too much, we don’t get good value for the money we pay, and the system is fragmented and too difficult for individuals to navigate.

There are many, many opportunities for us to do better. So we think that at least getting a big start on healthcare reform in 2009 is the job that has to be done. If we don’t do that, then the current system just gets more and more expensive and becomes a threat to our national economy but also to our family budgets.”

The discussion also covers nursing homes, assisted living, Medicare, prescription drugs, electronic records, and Social Security. To hear the interview (it's free), go to AARP’s website is


In addressing these challenges, we have a great opportunity to build a strong economy, an affordable health care system and sound pension programs. If we pass up this opportunity, we will spend massive amounts of public funds in the hope of short-term gain instead of investing in the future.

~Bill Novelli, AARP CEO


In case you forgot or tried to dodge turning 50, your mail will be full of invitations to join AARP.

~Mike Brickey

If I were writing a political skit, I'd have a Congressional chorus line headed by Nancy Peolsi singing the Cabaret song "Hey Big Sender" to Barack Obama.

~Mike Brickey

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