Rave Reviews for Defy Aging

Defy Aging Book

“An excellent road map and tool kit to assist you in creating a longer, healthier, more joyful life. Read and learn how to be too busy to die, and become ageless by losing track of time.”

–Bernie Siegel, MD, Author of Love, Medicine, and Miracles and Peace, Love and Healing

“People are living longer and healthier lives. Defy Aging shows us how to do it well. It’s a visionary road map to help us live fuller and richer lives. I highly recommend everyone over 40 to read it!”

–Betty Friedan, Ph.D., Founder of the National Organization of Women and author of The Feminine Mystique and The Fountain of Age

“Dr. Brickey's new book Defy Aging has successfully achieved the near impossible task of distilling thousands of scientific articles and hundreds of books in the field of health and longevity into one easy-to-read compendium of anti-aging science. This is a must-read review book of an emerging new field of anti-aging medical technology which promises many of its readers will see their 150th birthday with full mental and physical faculties intact. I recommend it.”

–Ronald Klatz, M.D., D.O., Founder and President of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, author of Stopping the Clock and Ten Weeks to a Younger You

Defy Aging coaches and mentors you skill by skill on living longer and taking your life to a higher level. Dr. Brickey, an exceptional life coach, has an astonishing range and depth of knowledge. Defy Aging is a well-written, illuminating, practical guide to living a good life and a long life. I highly recommend.”

–Ben Dean, Ph.D., Founder and President of MentorCoach, The nation’s preeminent training program for clinicians becoming professional coaches

“Starting their own lives trusting no one over thirty, Baby Boomers never expected to age. Now finding themselves well over fifty, they are desperately looking for perpetual youth in all the wrong places. But it is not too late. There is an antidote to aging: read this book!”

–Distinguished Professor Nicholas A. Cummings, Ph.D., Sc.D., An APA past president, President of the Nicholas & Dorothy Cummings Foundation, and author of Focused Psychotherapy

Defy Aging reminds us that “old age ain’t for sissies” but it is a time for discovery, warmth and wisdom, if we follow the road map outlined in this empowering book. I would heartily recommend it for any of us who are aging.”

–Ellen McGrath, Ph.D., Internationally acclaimed executive coach, author of When Feeling Bad is Good, and frequent expert commentator on ABC News, Good Morning America, Fox News and 20/20

“I will be 70 next month and I believe Defy Aging just might help me remain vital for 30 or 40 years more—at least.”

–Sam Keen, Ph.D., men's movement leaders and author of Iron John

Defy Aging is a must read for anyone wanting to live long and well.”

–Dharma Singh Khalsa, M.D., Author of Brain Longevity and Food as Medicine

Defy Aging is a refreshing new way of looking at life. Dr. Brickey brilliantly addresses the mental and emotional aspects of living that are 70% of health and longevity with a practical program. Defy Aging is a book worth reading and a guide worth having.”

–Jack G. Wiggins, Ph.D., Psy.D. A past president of the American Psychological Association (APA)

“Most books about longevity are about pills and diets and say little about the mental and emotional aspects that drive 70% of longevity. Defy Aging is a unique, groundbreaking book that leaves behind conventional thinking and gives a map for living longer, richer, fuller lives. It is a visionary manifesto.”

–Stanley Graham, Ph.D., A past president of the American Psychological Association (APA)

“When Dr. Brickey initially talked to me about living a vital, healthy life for 150 years, I was very skeptical. Defy Aging built such a strong research-based case that I’m now convinced. I have used his materials in my women’s groups and they loved them.”

–Carol Roche, Ph.D., President of LifeCycle Directions. Dr. Roche has doctorates in both physiology and psychology

“What an exceptional book! Doctor Brickey marshals the evidence to prove what many of us have always suspected: longevity is at least 70% mental! Those with the right beliefs, attitudes, coping skills and lifestyles will continue to live well while living long. Those who do not attend to the mental aspects of aging not only have shorter lives, they also have more health problems, more pain and more depression. Do not wait until you are over 50 to read this book. And, do not confuse its easy reading style with a lack of substance. Brickey knows his stuff and knows it well enough to refrain from having to show it off with torturous academic prose.”

–Ron Fox, Ph.D., An APA past president

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