Hypnosis CDs to Relax, Sleep, Become Ageless

Why settle for a tape or CD that just helps you relax?

Why not reverse aging while you relax and drift off to sleep?

After I wrote the critically acclaimed, Oprah-featured book, Defy Aging, I realized that most people don't find the time or mental energy to read. I wanted everyone to benefit from the ageless ABCs too, so I recorded Reverse Aging: Hypnotic Journeys to Ageless Lifestyles® LLC so you too can effortlessly absorb the concepts and reap the benefits.

While you ease into a trance state or drift off to sleep, you can effortlessly absorb the ageless concepts. The suggestions are enhanced by the 4-track keyboard music of John David Jones. His 4-track original music hugs my words. John David Jones is a musician to the stars who has accompanied numerous Broadway stars, motivational speakers, and singers including Gladys Knight and Della Reece.

These six CDs:

  • Treat you to profound relaxation
  • Enhance your purpose, mission, and outlook
  • Let you effortlessly develop the Attitudes, Beliefs, and Coping Skills (ABCs) to live agelessly
  • Help you live well into your hundreds with vitality and energy
  • Teach you a self-hypnosis technique you can use to relax or get to sleep
Reverse Aging: Hypnotic Journeys to Ageless Lifestyles LLC CD set

Barbara HolsteinReview: by Dr. Barbara Becker-Holstein from The Independent Practitioner (APA publication for psychologists in independent practice)

There are plenty of tapes and CDs to help people relax. Reverse Aging, however, is quite unique. Yes, the hypnotic patter is very well done. Yes, Dr. Brickey has a beautiful hypnosis voice. Yes, John David Jones’ original 4-track keyboard music hugs the words and greatly enhances the experience. What is especially unique, however, is it’s content—suggestions, stories and metaphors for living longer, healthier, and happier.

The six CDs focus on Attitudes, Beliefs, and Coping Skills (Mental ABCs). Themes include: optimism and an attitude of gratitude (the “BeAttitudes”), continuous quality improvement, how you view yourself and your world, purpose, mission, perspective, managing emotional distance, humor, and enhancing your self-concept.

The concepts intuitively make sense and are easy to effortlessly absorb. They are based on his book, Defy Aging, which was featured on Oprah and drew considerable critical acclaim, including endorsements from four APA past-presidents.

I like the way the hypnosis induction models a relaxation strategy that the listener can use on her own without the CD. It is easy to drift off to sleep listening, which can make it helpful with insomnia. The insert warns not to listen while driving.

In conclusion, I highly recommend these unique CDs for psychologists and their clients.

Dr. Barbara Holstein is a psychologist in private practice and author of The Enchanted Self and Recipes for Enchantment.

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