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March 20, 2008 Number 184

This issue:

Birthday Fun

Action to take

Consider ways to make your birthday more fun.


Kitty Ruso just turned 25 and she is younger than her grandchildren. How is that possible? She was born on leap year day and has lots of fun with it. Of course the chances that you were born on leap year day are only one in 1457, but there are other ways to have fun with birthdays. Of course, Gilbert and Sullivan also had fun with a leap year birthday in the Pirates of Pennzance

Americans typically expect people to dote on them on their birthdays. I'm all for that. But in many cases few will even know it is our birthday unless we tell them. In Denmark the custom is to put a flag outside the window to show that someone in the house has a birthday. In Germany, the person having the birthday often throws (and pays for) the party. There is nothing wrong with promoting or even sponsoring your celebrations.

What does celebrating birthdays have to do with defying aging? It helps make birthdays something positive instead of something to dread.

My friend and Defy Aging Newsletter reader Kate wrote me that her friend celebrates her birthday one day for each day she is alive. Thus when she is 80, she has an eighty day birthday celebration. Let me make an analogy. Why should October fest just be one day instead of a whole month? Why should Black History Month just be one day instead of a month? Do you want to celebrate the 12 days of Christmas (or 8 days of Chanukah) or blow your wad on just one day? Then why not have an extended birthday celebration?

If celebrating all of the years is too much for you, at least go for a whole month. What is your birthday month? Like saying you are "many ages," it makes a great conversation starter when you say this is my birthday month or I'm celebrating my birthday....

OK, I can tell you aren't ready to celebrate you birthday for a whole month--at least yet. A Germany friend tells me that many Germans celebrate their birthdays for three days--with lots of frivolity. Why not really have fun with your next birthday and make it a three day celebration?


What to give a centenarian on his/her birthday? Instead of things, "Give me a kiss so I won't have to dust it."

~source unknown

May you live to be a hundred year with one extra year to repent.

~an Irish birthday toast

May you have been born on your lucky star and may that star never lose it's twinkle.

~another Irish birthday toast

To you and wine, which both improve with age.

~yet another Irish toast


When I was born I was so surprised I couldn't talk for a year and a half.

~Gracie Allen

When I was a baby, I kept a diary. I was rereading it. It said, "Day One: Still tired from the move. Day Two: Everyone talks to me like I'm an Idiot."

~Steven Wright

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