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July 19, 2007 Number 169

This issue:

Remarkable Centenarians

Action to take

Forget Superman and Beckman. Choose remarkable centenarians as role models. Here are four who recently made the news:


At 104 R. Waldo McBurney maintains a downtown office in Quinter Kansas where he sells honey from his 199 colony of bee hives. He still competes in several track events in the Senior Olympics. In 2004 he came out with his first book, My First 100 Years.

The mysterious decline in bee populations is causing an agricultural crisis. Bees not only produce honey, they pollinate flowers and plants.Diagnosing the problem may come from a young scientist. Or it may come from 101-year-old beekeeper Wendell Cummings. He has kept bees since he was a child. Several years ago he downsized his honey business. He still does a lot of observing and thinking about bees. He believes he the mysterious decline in the bee populations is due to a new strain of beetles from South America. Scientists are seriously studying his theory.

Centenarian Kathryn Davis could have spent her millions self-indulgently. Instead she donated $20 million for clean up and conservation along the Hudson River where she still loves to kayak. Her “1000 Projects for Peace” scholarships awarded $10,000 scholarships to undergraduates who develop and implement grassroots ideas for peace. She also has funded several projects to study Russian language and culture.

Jose “El Nino” Temprana was a Cuban sponge diver and lobster fisherman. He left Cuba in 1994 after spending thirty years in a Cuban prison for opposing Fidel Castro. At 105 he achieved a dream he has had since prison He became an American citizen. He still enjoys gardening and socializing with lots of friends.


We don’t get to choose our parents, but we select our lifestyles.

~ R. Waldo McBurney, 104 year old beekeeper and fitness advocate,

I love the thought of people enjoying the river, sailing, kayaking, hiking.

~Kathryn Wasserman Davis, philanthropist


I was always taught to respect my elders and I've now reached the age when I don't have anybody to respect.

~George Burns

If you live to be one hundred, you've got it made. Very few people die past that age.

~George Burns

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