Suggested Interview Questions for Michael Brickey, Ph.D. author of 52 baby steps to Grow Young and Defy Aging

  1. So what are the Centenarian secrets to living to well into your hundreds? OR: So how can I live well into my hundreds?
  2. How do centenarians think differently?
  3. So what are the baby steps that will help me grow young?
  4. What are some other baby steps? (may be repeated several times)
  5. Family and friends dying must be a big issue in aging well, how can we deal with that one?
  6. Why do you tell people under 60 they should never tell their age?
  7. Why do you believe Senior Moments are an abomination?
  8. You tell people to never, never, never retire. Why? Retirement sounds pretty good to me.
  9. Why do some people look older than their age?
  10. You say older people are happier than younger people. How’s that?
  11. And you say there are social perks to being over 60. What would those be?
  12. What’s the deal with the Energizer Bunny?
  13. Why do you tell people to think of themselves as better than Britney Spears?

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